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Our refuge is a bright, friendly refuge for women and children. It is clean and comfortable, providing family suites with your own private bedrooms and bathroom; women will share a fully fitted kitchen with one other family. Single women have their own private bedroom and will share a bathroom with one other woman and a kitchen with up to three other women.

All of the kitchens are fully equipped with necessary items including fridge/freezer, kettle, toaster, microwave and washer/dryer as well as cutlery, plates and cooking utensils. Each bedroom has two single beds, a wardrobe and two small storage units, cots and moses baskets are also available if required. There is also a television with freeview in each room.

When you arrive at the refuge you will be given fresh bedding, towels and a small toiletries pack to help get you started.

The refuge has a number of communal areas including a spacious lounge, training and computer room, which also houses the gym equipment, and two children’s activity rooms which include a computer and television to be used by the children/young people for homework or games.

Smaller private rooms are available for personal support sessions with staff and relevant support related phone calls.

What you can expect whilst living in the refuge;

  • A safe, comfortable place to live
  • A supportive and friendly environment
  • Staff who will listen to you without making any judgments
  • Confidential one to one support
  • Weekly opportunities to see a GP, Nurses or Health Visitor if you need them
  • Support in applying for all of the benefits you’re entitled to
  • A weekly ‘house meeting’ which gives you the opportunity to exchange views on how the refuge operates and suggest alternatives or improvements
  • Friendly tea/coffee and toast mornings
  • Staff on site 24 hours a day every day.

Throughout your stay at the refuge, staff will support you in looking at your options and deciding where you want to live; whether that is returning to your previous property, if it is safe to do so, or looking for a completely fresh start in a new area.

We have a children and young people’s worker who plans and delivers age appropriate crèche/other sessions to children and young people in our refuge providing a stimulating range of activities, in line with Early Years Foundation Stage, Ofsted and organisational requirements.

The worker can support young people with their educational needs, by supporting them with their homework, as well as working actively in partnership with local schools to offer a package of support to the child/young person. Completing school application forms, advocating on behalf of children/young people, etc.

The crèche is Ofsted registered.