Safe accommodation for women and children.

Welcome to your New Community!

our refuge is a shared accommodation centre for women and children who are taking the first step to living a life free from domestic abuse


We offer shared and furnished accommodation, supporting both families and single ladies, in a community focused on building your independence and empowering you and your family for the future.

Move On

We have a Resettlement Worker who's sole responsibility is to help to you understand your options when moving on from refuge. They assist you with securing a property in your chosen area, furnishings and white goods, and prepare you to get settled in your new home.


We will support you in every step of the way in your journey through refuge. Support can come in many forms such as 1-2-1 sessions, group work and assigned key workers. We also have dedicated team specifically for the children in refuge.

Children's Services

Our Children's Workers are there to help the children and young people ease into this new environment and way of living, giving them a safe space to learn and play, and navigate their emotions through play and support session.

The team will assist you in enrolling your children into local school systems that suit your needs, they can also help you with any external agencies or meetings you may need to attend.

Each child is allocated a key worker who will tailor their support to meet the child's needs.

Support Programmes

During your stay we run a range of programmes for adults and children centred around your recovery and well being.

Own My Life is designed for women who have been subjected to abuse to help them gain ownership of their own lives.

You and Me, Mum looks at the impact domestic abuse has had on your parenting style.

Dramatic Recovery promotes positive mental health and well being through drama and arts.

Helping Hands is a children's programme which covers emotional control, safety planning and identifying people who can help us.

The Day Programme provides young people with a model for healthy relationships.

Refuge Facilities

We have a number of facilities available for all ages. We can accomodate those during pregnancy and birth all the way through to adulthood.

The Baby Room

Designed with the little ones in mind, our baby room offers a wide variety of instruments and activities for your children to enjoy, learn and play in a safe and secure environment. Little ones can enjoy a supervised play and make use of all we have to offer.

The Lounge

One large communal living space which hosts couches and a TV with lots of space to play in. This area is perfect for families to sit together and for you to get to know the other residents. This space gives a cosy family feel to all who use it. There is also a large dining table in her which is often used for activities.

The Teen Room

This room is all about the fun! Here in our teen room we offer a range of activities from electronic gaming devices, computers, Foosball, a reading nook, board games and so much more! Here is where our children can relax and unwind in their own space.

The Garden

Our large private garden features a full sized climbing frame situated on top of a rubber surface to protect anyone using the equipment, a grassy area with plants, trees and a mud kitchen station. There is also an adult only section closed off by a gate to allow for a quieter outdoor space for residents.

The Rainbow Room

Here at refuge, we understand the importance of having a quiet space to relax in. Our Rainbow room is an adult only space which resembles a cushy living area, with large cosy couch, mood lighting, blankets and a big television to watch your favourite shows.

The Sensory Room

A safe and comfortable room for our young ones to explore, with dimmed lighting, bean bags, water tower and other sensory items to enjoy. It is one of the most relaxing places within our facility and everyone is welcome! This room is particularly helpful to those with sensory needs or additional learning challenges.

The Suites

Each suite is fully equipped with bedroom furniture including a bed, a wardrobe and a side table, all bedding and towels are included. And you also have your own individual bathroom. Our kitchens are shared between 2 families, and you will be given a kitchen pack with basic items such as pans, plates and utensils to get you started. You have your own designated fridge, a shared freezer. Your kitchen comes with a toaster, microwave, a kettle, a slow cooker and a washing machine. We can accommodate the need for a disabled bathroom and suites that have wheelchair access if this is a requirement.

We do our best to make this feel like home for you until you move on from refuge.

Anyone can refer into the refuge by calling our number 0151 548 3333.
We also have connections with other refuges across the country if needed.

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