Community Project

The Community Project is a self-referral service that offers immediate support.

The project offers immediate and longer term support to anyone aged 16 and over in the borough of Knowsley who is currently experiencing or has previously experienced domestic abuse.

Our support is flexible and there is no time limit on how long we support clients for.

What to Expect

Reaching out for the first time can be overwhelming and scary for some - to make it easier, here is what you can expect on your journey:

Making the First Call

When you call The First Step, you will speak directly to a trained domestic abuse professional who will discuss your situation and take your details to process a referral. *

* Those who do not want to refer into the service can still contact the Community Project if they need advice - either for themselves, or on behalf of someone.

Risk Assessment

We will conduct an assessment which will ensure you get the appropriate support that you need.

Support Referral & Group Work

We can offer one-to-one support from a dedicated domestic abuse worker, coffee mornings, and group work. We offer various groups here at The First Step including The Gateway Programme, You and Me, Mum, and New Beginnings.

Support Groups Include

Victim Survivor Forum

We run a victim survivor forum to ensure that service delivery is led by the beneficiaries ensuring that their voices are heard regarding what's working and what isn't. We look at what needs to change, not only with our services but partner agencies, the wider community and all strategic responses to domestic abuse within our community.

The Gateway Programme

7-week domestic abuse programme

The Gateway Programme covers every step of your journey from beliefs and attitudes, the cycle of control, parenting and children, safety planning, coping strategies and moving forward. This programme is a key aspect that covers the impact of beliefs and attitudes on behaviours and how these can be formed within a domestic abuse relationship and looks how these can be changed to facilitate moving forward.

You and Me, Mum

10-week course designed for mothers with children

The programme looks at the impact of domestic abuse on parenting style, and the challenging behaviours children can present. This programme can aid in the use of simple coping skills in order to assist you on your journey to recovery. Clients will learn how to develop effective communication skills with their children and to understand how to promote a healthy relationship with themselves and their children.

New Beginnings

6-week educational programme

This programme is centred on improving emotional well-being and coping strategies. On a journey through self-discovery this programme aims to redeem the self-love by controlling the inner critic and improve self-confidence through the power of thought during the detailed 2-hour sessions. 

We are here to help you take the first step.

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