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Thinking about leaving?

If you are deciding to leave your abuser, it is extremely important that you seek specialist support as this is the highest risk point of domestic abuse.

Call us on 0151 548 3333 or contact the national 24-hour helpline on 0808 2000 247


We can support you in your decisions.

Leaving an abusive situation can be dangerous and there is a possibility that they might try to regain control over you. We can help you understand your options and make a safety plan. We can also help you find a place in refuge if you need it.

In addition to getting support, you may want to consider the following:


Make A Plan

Here are some key areas to think about if your considering leaving. It is important that your abuser doesn't find out that you're planning to leave.


  • Think about the daily routines and what time would be best to leave your home.
  • Take your children with you, it may be difficult to gain access to them if your abuser also has parental responsibility of the children. 
  • Non Molestation is a civil order that offers court ordered protection.
  • Contact your employer for support to ensure that they are aware of any safety planning.
  • Personal alarm - Your mobile phone might have an app that support this feature.
  • Inform any educational settings to allow them to safety plan for the children.
  • Set up SMS messaging to the Police - this enables you to make a 999 call VIA TEXT if you're unable to speak. Text the word Register to 999 and follow the instructions. 

Create A Emergency Bag

If it is safe to do so, and your abuser will not notice, pack a bag so in the event of an emergency, if you leave in a hurry, you will still have some essentials. Consider packing the following:


  • Cash
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Tenancy/Mortgage Agreements
  • ID Documents
  • Drivers License
  • National Insurance Number
  • Clothing
  • Nappies/Wipes
  • Medication
  • A set of keys
  • Chargers
  • Emergency Numbers

Arrange A Place To Stay

You could arrange to stay with a trusted family member or friend, be sure your abuser does not know the location.

If this isn't an option for you, you may want to consider a place at refuge. This may sound scary, but refuges are meant as a stepping stone to help you gain your independence back. The facilities at refuge are built to make it feel like a safe and secure home. 

As someone fleeing domestic abuse, you can seek housing advice from any local authority, even if you do not live in that area. They have a duty of care to provide you with safe accommodation as victim of domestic abuse.

To find out more about your housing options in Knowsley, click here.

PAWS and PAWS Protect will foster cats and dogs of those fleeing domestic abuse and who are worried about leaving pets behind. 


CALL US ON 0151 548 3333

NATIONAL 24/7 HELPLINE 0808 2000 247

IN AN emergenCy CALL 999


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