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Domestic Abuse.
Don’t expect it.
Don’t accept it.
Don’t ignore it.

Take the First Step……

Help for women

The First Step Project:

We support both women and men from the age of 16 and upwards who have been affected by domestic violence and abuse. Whether you are still in the relationship, looking at leaving or have already left and are still experiencing abuse.

We offer emotional and practical support; one to one or if you prefer we can speak to you on the phone. All support is tailored to meet your needs that may include: making sense of what has happened, exploring your legal options, ensuring your safety, how it can impact the family and recognising the warning signs.

We provide a variety of therapeutic groups that are held throughout the year. The aim of the groups are to help develop your confidence and self-esteem, learn a new skill, develop your knowledge and raise your awareness, meet with others who have had similar experiences and to …have fun. Groups have included: Stress management, arts and crafts, health and wellbeing, IT and cookery.

We will not judge you

We will not put pressure on you


If you are worried about domestic abuse you can talk to someone 24 hours a day on the national helpline 0808 2000247 or you can talk to us on 0151 548 3333 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Domestic abuse may involve:

Emotional and psychological abuse – playing mind games, calling you names, putting you down, isolating you from family and friends

Financial abuse – withholding and controlling your money, checking on everything you spend. Not giving you enough money for day to day expenses and food

Physical abuse – hitting,spitting at or on you, pinching you, biting you, choking you, restraining you.

Sexual abuse – unwanted touching or fondling, forcing you to have sex against your will, taking sexual photographs of you against your will.

Domestic violence and abuse is used to maintain power and control in a relationship. It is important to remember that it is not your fault and you are not alone

Is it domestic abuse? If you’re not sure if you are experiencing domestic abuse ask yourself these questions:

Are you in a Controlling Relationship?

1. Can you wear what you want?
2. Can you be friends with who you like?
3. Can see your family/friends whenever you want?
4. Can you say ‘no’ to his/her requests – with no consequences?
5. Can you laugh at him / can he laugh at himself?
6. Can you change your mind/plans at the last minute with no consequences?
7. Is your opinion valued and respected?
8. Are you encouraged to fulfil your potential in a positive way?
9. Are you encouraged and supported to work or study?
10. Has your night out ever been ruined by his actions, comments or behaviour before or during the night out?
11. Does he talk about other women he “could have” or imply it – making you feel insecure or lucky to have him?
12. Does he sulk for a day or more?
13. Has he told you he had an ex-girlfriend who hurt him so badly it’s hard for him to trust any woman?
14. Does he ever refer to his ex-girlfriend/s as ‘his psycho ex’?
15. Did he not do well at school because of his parents or teachers?
16. Does he believe everyone is against him?
17. Does he see himself as a victim?
18. Is everything always someone else’s fault?
19. Is he only happy if you are ‘good’?
20. Do you feel responsible for his moods or happiness?
21. Does he call you names or put you down (in public or private)?
22. Do you pay for everything?

If you answered mostly ‘No’ for 1 – 9 and ‘Yes’ for 10 – 22 maybe it’s time to take that first step and ring a helpline number above. Remember you don’t have to put up with domestic abuse. Help and support is available for you

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