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Domestic abuse affects men too - as victim survivors or perpetrators.

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Help for men

Support for Male Victims and Survivors

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone regardless of age, gender, race, disability, wealth, sexuality, gender identity and lifestyle.

The First Step supports male victims of domestic violence and abuse. We offer emotional and practical support; one to one or if you prefer we can speak to you on the phone. All support is tailored to meet your needs that may include; making sense of what has happened; exploring your legal options; ensuring your safety; how it has impacted your family and recognising the warning signs.

You may be being abused if:

  • You are forced to change to way you behave because you are frightened of your partner’s reaction
  • You feel afraid, like you are walking on eggshells, or are intimidated by your partner
  • There is conflict in your relationship and your partner hurts you (physically, emotionally, etc.)

You will not be judged and the service is confidential.

You can call us on 0151 548 3333