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Our vision

Our vision to address domestic violence & abuse was developed and agreed following discussion with staff and volunteers in 2006.  The agency vision accepts the challenges domestic violence and abuse brings while recognising the forward thinking and innovative approaches the whole team takes to providing solutions.   

‘To convert Knowsley’s domestic violence and abuse challenges into real solutions, creating new ways of working to stop domestic violence and abuse’

Our Values

Values provide the basis for judgements and decisions as to what is important for The First Step to succeed in its core business.  Trustees and staff have reaffirmed the following as our values.

We believe in:

Promoting self determination and self empowerment to all who access our services. Defending the human rights of victim/survivors experiencing domestic abuse.

Delivering quality in all that we do to achieve the best within our resources, believing people have the right to expect high quality services.

Achieving more by working in partnership with others by seeking to make alliances and exerting any influence we may hold accountably and responsibly, striving to remove barriers to participation. Challenging discriminatory, racist or derogatory attitudes. Enabling staff, volunteers, trustees to attain personal and professional growth through opportunities to achieve full potential