Client Feedback

With money received from the Ministry of Justice we have been able to provide counselling sessions to people affected by domestic abuse, below are some of the many positive comments we have received:

“I feel really good having the opportunity to have counselling, the Counsellor is so lovely to speak to”

“I feel that the counselling is going really well, I’m so glad I started it”

“Having the counselling I feel better and happier to do the session over the phone, I’m not nervous and the counsellor is so lovely to speak to”

“I am really enjoying the counselling, looking forward to the next session”

“Can I not have more sessions the counselling is really working for me”

“ I was nervous that I would not have much to talk about, I was soon relaxed and the time flew by!!”

Feedback – May 2020

Service User Comments May 2020
Service User Quotes May 2020

Freedom Programme – December 2019

… I believe The First Step has given me the chance to take ‘the first step’ towards changing my life. I have recognised through the Freedom Programme that my life can change. Now I have reason to get out of bed each day and I am working on developing my self-esteem …

The First Step’s freedom programme has given me the self-confidence to believe in myself once again. It has also provided me with unwavering support to deal with everyday tasks and difficult situations …

The First Step has shown me that support is available! I have met some lovely people. The freedom programme helped me gain a better understanding of what has happened to me, and to others and allowed me to move forward in a positive way …

… The support and ability to share and reflect on experiences with others in the freedom programme group, helps enormously. I learned I was not alone! …

The First Step services gives peace of mind. I learned that I was not the only one who has suffered similar situations. There are people out there who will support needs, no matter how minor or extreme. Help is out there for anyone willing to take it on board …

Recovery Toolkit – August 2018

The Survivors to Thrivers Team received feedback from clients who attended the recent Recovery Toolkit. Attendees are now working towards an Open Award – Level 1 in Personal Confidence and have been invited to enjoy a Spa Day to celebrate their achievements.